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Vatican guide and tickets - Colosseum tickets included


One of our English speaking driver will wait for you at the gangway of your cruise ship holding a sign with your group name stated on it.

It will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Rome.

You will start this awesome tour from the Ancient Rome: Capitoline Hill, the famous Roman Forum and the Colosseum. This is the symbol of the city and one of the world's most famous buildings where gladiator spectacles took place. Then continue on driving by the Palatine Hill (the first palace ever) and Circus Maximus.



Then you will continue to the sites of Renaissance and Baroque Rome: the stunning Spanish steps, Piazza Navona and of course not forgetting the city's most famous fountain - the TreviFountain. According to the legend, by throwing a coin into the fountain it will ensure that you return to Rome.



It will be time to visit St. Peter's Basilica, the largest church in the world where you will admire the famous Michelangelo's "Pieta" and the beautiful Bernini Pulpit. You will be guided by our licensed guide through the Vatican museum, the stunning Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's church. (On Wednesdays all the Vatican sites will be visited in the afternoon as there is the "Angelus". Visit to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel is not available on Sundays).


Time permitting, your driver will drive past these additional sites in order to show you them   from the vehicle: Castle St. Angelo and its bridge, the Italian Senate, The Marble Foot and Cat Street (Roman Curiosities), Trajan's Column, Imperial Fora, Trajan's Market, The Maps of the Empire, Arch of Constantine, Marcus Aurelius's Column, Parliament and Council of Ministers, St. Nicholas in Chains, temples of Apollo, Vesta and Janus, Quirinal Palace.


It will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive back to the ship, but in order to avoid any traffic jam we sincerely suggest to follow your driver's directions about timings throughout the day. 

 We reserve the right to change the order in which we visit the sites.


PLEASE NOTE: Colosseum has changed their security policy and has now implemented a metal detector which all guests must pass through. This will effect entrance to the Colosseum as even with skip the line entrance tickets, all guests entering must pass through the metal detector. The length of this line will be dependent upon tourist volume each day, however, we do want to advise that at this time even in low tourist season, with the implementation of the metal detector, the wait to enter is considerable and will affect the timing available to see other sites in Rome. 
We cannot guarantee availability of Colosseum and Vatican tickets, however we will do our best to purchase them as soon as they become available. Please be advised that these tickets are non-refundable, and as they will be purchased upon your booking or thereafter in accordance with availability, their cost will be charged to the credit card on file in the event of a cancellation (even if cancellation is made within the timeframe of policy terms).


Available: All year round, except Sundays and Holidays (see below)
Tour Duration: 9 hours
Pick-up/Drop-off Location: At your ship in Civitavecchia Port
Pick-up Time : 7:30 AM (according to your ship's schedule)
  • Luxury air conditioned vehicle
  • English speaking driver
  • All taxes, parking, tolls, gasoline and driver maintenance
  • Colosseum entrance fee
  • Vatican Museums official guide & entrance fees
  • Meals and drinks
  • Gratuties 
This tour is not available on Sundays or Holidays as indicated below.
Vatican is closed on January 1, 6; February 11, 22; March 19, 28; June 29; August 15; November 1; December 8, 25, 26

It's very easy to book or join a shared tour, only (2 clicks), please click on the calendar, choose the date you're in port, then click on "Create Group" button.

Individual Prices per Group
Number of Passenger(s) Price per Person
1 Pax 665 euro
2 Pax 350 euro
3 Pax 260 euro
4 Pax 220 euro
5 Pax 180 euro
6 Pax 165 euro
7 Pax 145 euro
8 Pax 140 euro
9 Pax 180 euro
10 Pax 170 euro
11 Pax 160 euro
12 Pax 150 euro
13 Pax 145 euro
14 Pax 140 euro
15 Pax 130 euro
16 Pax 125 euro


  • The tours and the itineraries CANNOT be changed. As it is a sharing tour, we provide the tours as described on our website (unless everyone in the vehicle agrees to a different itinerary).
  • We recommend that guests always be on time and follow our driver's suggestions regarding timing throughout the day, in this way everyone will have a wonderful tour and we'll be 100% certain there will be no complains or recriminations.
  • Once you have joined an open tour or created a new group, your information (name, mobile phone, email address) will be given to the other participants in the group.
  • Everytime new party joins or cancels partecipation in the group you will receive a new automated voucher, with the guest's information, number of participants and the new price you'll pay per person.
  • Above 8 passengers from Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno, Taormina, Catania and Messina ports we can either provide a Mercedes Sprinter minibus or multiple luxury minivans (according on the availability we have), while from Civitavecchia, Livorno and La Spezia ports we always provide multiple minivans with the maximum number of 8 guests in each minivan.
  • Unfortunately the minibuses cannot enter the city centre and you'll automatically waste a lot of time walking to destinations, while by minivan, you can get directly to your point of interest, without wasting any time.
  • Payment will be made at the end of the day in euro cash directly to your driver/guide.
  • At the moment we do not accept credit cards for payment, credit card is requested only to guarantee your services.
  • Cancellation policy is 7 days prior the service, after these terms the full amount due (based on your booking) will be charged on your credit card in the event of late cancellation or no show.
  • If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you.


Rome Including Guide and Tickets
  • Date of the tour: 15 July 2020
  • Time of the tour: 07:30 AM
  • Closing on: 5 July 2020
  • Group name: Sweet Sixteen
  • From: Civitavecchia Port
  • Name of the ship: Norwegian Epic
  • Max pax: 16 - Still available: 12
Rome Including Guide and Tickets
  • Date of the tour: 13 August 2020
  • Time of the tour: 07:30 AM
  • Closing on: 3 August 2020
  • Group name: ROUZIE GROUP
  • From: Civitavecchia Port
  • Name of the ship: Allure of the seas
  • Max pax: 8 - Still available: 1
Rome Including Guide and Tickets
  • Date of the tour: 15 October 2020
  • Time of the tour: 07:30 AM
  • Closing on: 5 October 2020
  • Group name: WHIPPLE GROUP
  • From: Civitavecchia Port
  • Name of the ship: RCCL Allure of the Seas
  • Max pax: 8 - Still available: 4